Limiting light spill for the environment around sport facilities with LICHT2 LED lighting

Through the years a recurring theme is limiting the light spill in the environment around sport clubs. Sport clubs are often located near city limits. They are reguarly confronted with complaints regarding the lighting. To limit the light spill, SPORT Technologies provides a custom made light design for each project. For new sports accommodations but also for sport clubs where the old lighting is being replaced by new LED lighting. The luminaires will be aimed accoring to this light design to reach the requirements on the pitch or court. In areas where there is the possibility of light spill, SPORT Technologies also does a light spill calculation in addition to the light design.

An advantage of the LICHT2 LED fixture is that the modules can be adjusted horizontally and vertically separately. This functionality makes it possible to aim the light more precisely. As a result, any light hinderance in the form of light spill can already be limited. Nevertheless, with LED lighting, even with the LICHT2 LED fixture, light hinderance is still an issue. Due to the brighter light compared to conventional lighting, LED lighting can mainly cause light viewing complaints.

To reduce the light viewing complaints, SPORT Technologies invented the Eyebrow. With this innovative technology, an internal light guard is placed over the lens. This internal light guard cuts off the brightness of the light at the top of the lenses. Due to the Eyebrow, the light hinderance for local residents is now limited even further. Both light viewing complaints and light spill. As a result, sports clubs located near city limits can now also save on their energy bills with our LICHT2 LED fixtures.

Want to find out whether the Eyebrow can also be the solution for your sports club? Please contact us here.

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