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SPORT Technologies is a market leader in designing, developing and installing innovative sport LED lighting systems. From our low energy LED sports floodlighting solutions. Our in-house research and development specialists develop innovating, cutting-edge and high-quality lighting solutions to suit your sports lighting requirements.

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Beperken van lichthinder met de Eyebrow

Further limiting light spill

Through the years a recurring theme is limiting the light spill in the environment around sport clubs. SPORT Technologies has developed the Eyebrow to reduce the light spill even further, an internal light guard on top of the lenses.
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Since 2014 our team of lighting experts have been working on the development of a revolutionary new LED system designed exclusively for lighting sports fields. LICHT2 provides the most durable and long-lasting LED system on the market. An important distinction compared to existing LED fixtures is a higher lighting output, with lower energy consumption and a unique low weight.

Using the latest LED technology, our lighting systems ensure optimum light output (lumen per watt ratio of 150) with the least energy consumption (1000 watt). Our LICHT2 LED lighting solutions provide higher output, lower energy consumption and low weight. Our continuous commitment to research and development, combined with practical experience of the sports industry has enabled SPORT Technologies to develop and deliver sustainable, energy-efficient LED lighting solutions.


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