ATC Buiten

ATC Buiten players in Almere are now playing under LICHT2 LED lighting. The entire park, including 11 tennis courts, were fitted with the next generation of LED lighting. “After a visit to various reference projects and the SPORT Technologies office and production space, the choice was quickly made. We were very impressed that a relatively young company operates at such a high level. The entire team has a great deal of knowledge of LED lighting and manages the entire production. The fact that everything is manufactured in the Netherlands and is of very high quality was the deciding factor for us,” said Kees Stokvis (Chairman).

The new lighting of the eleven courts at the ground uses the existing poles as the LICHT2 LED lights only weight 15 kilograms. The existing 2,200-watt conventional fixtures have also been replaced by just 1,000 watt LICHT2 fixtures. This ensures savings of almost 29,000 kWh. Due the high light output, the lights have been adjusted to 70%, saving more than 36,000 kWh or a huge 70% on energy costs.

Year of installation:2017
Location:Almere, The Netherlands
Number of courts:11
Number of masts:20 masts
Number of luminaires:24 pieces 1.000 Watt LICHT2
Luminaires per mast:Varying between 1 and 2 luminaires
Lighting Class:Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Federation (KNLTB) Competition Class II > 300 lux
Light measurement:Average of 405 lux – 0.81 uniformity
Minimum savings in kWh:28.800 kWh
Return on investment:About 6 years