AV Zeewolde

During September 2018, the long-awaited new athletics track of AV Zeewolde was officially opened. Former European champion Bram Som had the honour of running on the track with youth members. The new athletics track which has been installed by Antea has a total of 10 new masts each equipped with LICHT2 LED lighting from SPORT Technologies. Around the athletics track is a natural ice rink which is also illuminated by the LED fixtures. This allows people to use the skating and track facilities until late in the evening. 

At the location where the clubhouse of the athletics club used to be, there will be a scribble track designed for young children. Three lighting columns have been placed around this lane, each with 1 LICHT2 LED fixture. This enables the scribble track to be used during the day and evening.

Year of installation:2018
Location:Zeewolde, The Netherlands
Number of track:3
Number of masts:Athletic track – Ice track: 10 masts
Scribble track: 3 masts
Number of luminaires:Athletic track – Ice track: 26 pieces 1.000 Watt LICHT2
Scribble track: 3 pieces 1.000 Watt LICHT2
Luminaires per mast:Varying between 1, 2 and 3 luminaires
Lighting Class:Royal Dutch Athletics Federation (KNAU): Competition Class III
Light measurement:Athletic track: Average of 160 lux – uniformity 0.65
Minimum savings in kWh:34.800 kWh
Return on Investment:About 7 years
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