Grimsby Town FC

Working in partnership with Orel e3, SPORT Technologies equipped the Grimsby Town stadium with a completely new 800 lux LED lighting installation. Grimsby Town is an English League Two football club and one of the 25 oldest clubs in England and co-founder of the second class in 1892. The clubs Blundell Park stadium seats more than 9,000 spectators. In 1958 the club introduced its first spotlights, which were bought second-hand from Wolverhampton Wanderers. The masts are iconic for the stadium and are an important part of the heritage.

When replacing the lighting, the club’s history and heritage were taken into account and the masts were partially shortened. The lighting design for the club was based on the Football League Championship level (800 lux), which the club aspires to. A total of 86kW LICHT2 LED fixtures were installed, with energy savings now at least 60% compared to the previous lighting system. The lights have also been given the extra personalised detail of the Grimsby Town logo. This feature will be used at the start of all official matches.

Year of installation:2019
Location:Grimsby, England
Number of Courts:1
Number of masts:4 poles + stadiumroof
Number of luminaires:43 pieces 2.000 Watt LICHT2

Luminaires per mast:10 luminaires per mast
Lighting Class:Football League Championship > 800 lux
Light measurement:Average 820 lux – uniformity 0.78
Minimum savings in kWh:96.000 kWh
Return on Investment:NA
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