HC Zeewolde

Zeewolde may just be the first sports club in the Netherlands to be equipped with LICHT2’s next-generation LED lighting from SPORT Technologies. Due to the low weight of the fixtures, the lighting system could easily be installed on the existing 20-year-old poles. These LICHT2 LED lighting solutions deliver a high lumen per watt ratio, creating more light output and better light distribution than was delivered before. Hockey Club Zeewolde is very happy with its new light installation and the new lower energy bill also gives the club something extra to smile about.

SPORT Technologies replaced a total of 32 conventional fixtures of 2200 watt each with 32 LICHT2 LED fixtures of 1000 watt. The luminaries are dimmed back to around 750 watts, whereby the standards from the Hockey Association are still being met,” according to the club’s chairman and treasurer. “With the investment in LED lighting on the two fields, we already save more than 50% on our energy costs, but since we also consistently use the extra dimming options and half-field lighting, we now save almost 70% on energy!”

Year of installation:2017
Location:Zeewolde, The Netherlands
Number of fields:2
Number of masts:Main field: 8 masts
Field 2: 8 masts
Number of luminaires:Main field: 20 pieces 1.000 Watt LICHT2
Field 2: 12 pieces 1.000 Watt LICHT2
Luminaires per mast:Varying between 1, 2 and 3 luminaires
Lighting Class:Royal Dutch Hockey Federation (KNHB) Competition Class II > 250 lux
Royal Dutch Hockey Federation (KNHB) Competition Class III > 200 lux
Light measurement:Main field: Average of 350 lux – 0.82 uniformity
Field 2: Average of 230 lux – 0.82 uniformity
Minimum savings in kWh:38.400 kWh
Return on investment:About 6 years