LTV Ten Medel

LTV Ten Medel held a special tender to select to find an LED court lighting manufacturer. All the manufacturers were asked 42 questions, which had to be answered in writing. A pre-selection has been made based on these answers. Philips and AAA-LUX luminaires were disappeared, they did not meet the requirements that LTV Ten Medel (and the NSVV) set for track lighting. Afterwards, the tennis club itself wrote the request for a quote, so that both offers could be properly compared. After a long and vigorous testing and selection process, LTV Ten Medel chose LICHT2 LED lighting from SPORT Technologies. The tennisclub made its selection based on:

This lighting uses the least energy and offers 70% savings compared to the existing Philips fixtures. Following the first year after installation, it has been found that an even greater percentage of energy savings can be made.

The weight and windage of this lighting system are considerably less than other LED systems on the market. This has meant that Ten Medel does not have to replace its 30-year-old track lighting masts.

The lighting system is an entirely Dutch product that provides greater water resistance and faster cooling, which results in a considerably longer lifespan of the product. This offers far lower maintenance costs and a much longer warranty compared to competitors.

Year of installation:2017
Location:Tiel, The Netherlands
Number of courts:6
Number of masts:12 masts
Number of luminaires:16 pieces 1.000 Watt LICHT2
Luminaires per mast:Varying between 1 and 2 luminaires
Lighting Class:Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Assocation (KNLTB) Competition Class I > 500 lux
Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Assocation (KNLTB) Competition Class II > 300 lux
Light measurement:Average of 360 lux and 580 lux
Uniformity between 0.74 – 0.84
Minimum savings in kWh:19.200 kWh
Return on Investment:About 5 years
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