TC Brughia

In cooperation with our Belgian partner IndustryLED, the indoor courts at TC Brughia are equipped with LICHT2 LED lighting. With this beautiful accommodation, the association has done everything possible to offer tennis enthusiasts as many opportunities as possible to practice the sport on amateur and professional level as well.

A total of 14 luminaires have been installed on the 3 indoor courts that indirectly illuminate the courts. By using various degrees of lenses, the light distribution is optimized, which is experienced as very pleasant by the players. In addition to the light distribution, a high average lux value of more than 600 lux is measured. This ensures that TC Brughia has 3 fantastic indoor courts with beautiful LED lighting.

Year of installation:2019
Location:Bruges, Belgium
Number of courts:3
Number of masts:2 masts + sidewall of the hall
Number of luminaires:14 pieces 1.000 Watt LICHT2
Luminaires per mast:Varying between 1 and 5 luminaires
Lighting Class:KBTB (Royal Belgium Tennis Association) Competition Class I > 500 lux
Light measurement:630 lux – uniformity 0.82
Minimum savings in kWh:20.000 kWh
Return on investment:About 7 years
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