Trojans Hockey Club

In cooperation with our English partner Orel e3, SPORT Technologies has provided the main field of Trojans Hockey Club with new LICHT2 LED lighting. Trojans Hockey Club is one of the largest hockey associations in the entire United Kingdom. With a major renovation in 2013, the association has now one of the best and most modern accommodations in the country. The club with a great spirit and proud history has still big plans for the future.

That’s one of the main reasons the club wants to invest in LED Lighting. In total 24 pieces of 1000W LICHT2 LED fixtures were installed on 8 poles. During the official measurement by the English Hockey Association, an average lux value of 480 lux was measured with a high uniformity. With this investment, the hockey club saves at least 60% on energy costs. Trojans Hockey Club is very pleased with the new LED lighting and is also very enthusiastic about the different dimming positions, which means that even higher savings can be achieved.

Year of installation:2019
Location:Southampton, England
Number of Courts:1
Number of masts:Mainfield: 8 masts
Number of luminaires:Mainfield: 24 pieces 1.000 Watt LICHT2

Luminaires per mast:3 luminaires
Lighting Class:England Hockey Class I > 350 lux
Light measurement:Mainfield: Average of 480 lux – uniformity 0.82
Minimum savings in kWh:36.000 kWh
Return on Investment:About 6 years
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