TV Frankrijk

Tennis park TV Frankrijk has invested in LICHT2 LED fixtures from SPORT Technologies. Due to the layout of the lane and mast positions, some areas were difficult to illuminate with conventional lighting systems. The new lighting from SPORT Technologies uses the same poles as the lighting system only weighs around 15 kilograms. The new luminaires also provide more focused light where it is needed. The results of the new lighting systems are fantastic. With average lux values of 400 lux on 4 lanes and even more than 500 lux in the middle lane. This has enabled TV Frankrijk to meet the highest class for top national and international level tennis.

Year of installation:2019
Location:Harderwijk, The Netherlands
Number of courts:5
Number of masts:6 masts
Number of luminaires:12 pieces 1.000 Watt LICHT2
Luminaires per mast:Varying between 1, 2 and 3 luminaires
Lighting Class:Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association (KNLTB) Competition Class I > 500 lux
Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association (KNLTB) Competition Class II > 300 lux
Light measurement:Court 3: Average of 515 lux – 0.84 uniformity
Court 2: Average of 480 lux – 0.81 uniformity
Other courts: Average of 430 lux – 0.80 uniformity
Minimum savings in kWh:18.800 kWh
Return on investment:About 5 years