VV Nieuw-Lekkerland

Since 2018, the ambitious football club VV Nieuw-Lekkerland has been playing under the LICHT2 LED lighting from SPORT Technologies. Following a members general meeting, it was decided to make both the main and training field more sustainable. On the main field, the conventional 2200-watt fixtures have been replaced by 20, 1000-watt fixtures. As a result, the club now saves at least 55% on its energy bill.

The football club is uniquely situated close to the UNESCO World Heritage site at Kinderdijk, the world-famous mill area. Concern over excess light from VV Nieuw Lekkerland affecting the heritage site and surrounding area was mitigated thanks to the use of special lenses at the ground.

Year of installation:2018
Location:Nieuw-Lekkerland, The Netherlands
Number of fields:2
Number of masts:Main field: 8 masts
Training field: 6 masts
Numer of luminaires:Main field: 20 pieces 1.000 Watt LICHT2
Training field: 8 pieces 1.000 Watt LICHT2
Luminaires per mast:Varying between 1, 2 and 3 luminaires
Lighting Class:Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) Competion Class II >200 lux
Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) Training Class III >75 lux
Light measurement:Main field: Average of 230 lux – uniformity 0.76
Training field: Average of 105 lux – uniformity 0.65
Minimum savings in kWh:33.600 kWh
Return on Investment:About 7 years
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